The recipe for profitable land-based fish farming

As the size and scale of land-based fish farming operations grow, Linde is keeping pace as it works with customers around the world to ensure operations remain sustainable and profitable.

“Energy is the key in all land-based operations and closed systems in sea, says Kenneth Glomset, Associate Director Aquaculture Solutions at Linde. “Everything is about energy, and our solutions are extremely efficient, customised to each customer, designed to optimise the production and make it sustainable.”

The SOLVOX® Oxystream low-pressure oxygenation system for seawater, brackish water and freshwater tanks is a complete package designed to operate in an extremely efficient manner. It is a patented all-in-one-system which is oxygenating and creating the optimal swimming speed for the fish in one process.

“If we run the numbers on some of these farms, we see that we can easily save them 10 per cent of the total energy consumed to produce one kilogram of fish”, Glomset says. “Which makes a huge difference.”

Linde is involved in some of the largest land-based operations in the world, since the company provides energy efficient solutions contributing to profitable investments and optimised operations.

Better fish health with the right exercise
While oxygen is a critical part of successfully raising fish, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. “We stand out from all other suppliers when it comes to contributing to efficient fish farming. SOLVOX® Oxystream is a unit that creates the perfect environment for the fish to thrive in”, says Glomset.

That includes creating the optimal swimming speed for the fish to keep them healthy. 

“We optimise the fish tank hydraulics according to what is the best for fish health and growth, in combination with the right oxygen levels. The optimal swimming speed and exercise help you achieve a better production with a more robust fish that develops a stronger immune system.”

Feed remains the single biggest cost for operators. One of Linde’s studies has proven it possible to boost fish growth (SGR*) by 19 per cent and decrease feed conversion factor (FCR*) by 21 per cent at the same time, by optimising the fish tank hydraulics and giving the fish exercise in combination with efficient oxygenation.

The fish grow faster and uses the feed more efficiently, giving a higher yield with lower production costs”, Glomset emphasises. “That’s why you should exercise fish since it has such a strong correlation.”

Risk reduction with perfect water quality
SOLVOX® Oxystream leads to better water quality in the tank by creating excellent tank hydraulics, removing particles, and providing a smooth oxygen and feed distribution in the tank. The combination of efficient oxygenation and the reduction of nitrogen from the water, leads to optimal water quality for the fish. Microbubbles created by the SOLVOX® Oxystream are efficiently dissolved into the water and make the oxygen available for the fish. In this process the concentration of nitrogen and the total gas pressure is reduced, diminishing the risk of the fish being exposed to decompression sickness, or the bends.

Experts with vast experience
“We are not just a gas company providing a system that puts oxygen into the water. We’re going deeply into the process of our customers and find solutions contributing to profitable production on land.”

With three decades of experience, and more than 1,000 successful installations of the SOLVOX ® Oxystream system worldwide, Linde has perfected the science behind what land-based fish farms need. That means, when a customer is looking to install a fish tank, the experts at Linde can predict exactly what will happen with the water inside, regardless of the size, design and operation. 

“We actually have the knowledge of what’s going to happen in real life, not just a simulation,” he said. “We’re using our vast experience; we have the tools and calculation models that are crucial for success. We don’t have to start from scratch on any project.”

Tailored solutions
SOLVOX® Oxystream is designed to work in any size project. The system can handle flows ranging from 9 cubic meters of water per hour per unit all the way up to 2,300 cubic meters of water per hour per unit. Multiple systems in each tank are very common, as the tanks get bigger. “This kind of flexibility is key to optimal design and profitable fish farming”.

SOLVOX®  Oxystream is delivered with built-in water flow measurement capabilities. The angle of the waterflow can be adjusted, even during operation. 

“Our solutions can be fitted to existing farms or be incorporated in the design of new farms”, Glomset concludes.

*SGR = Specific Growth Rate
*FCR = Feed Conversion Rate

About Kenneth Glomset Kenneth Glomset is Associate Director Aquaculture Solutions at Linde, working in the Global Applications Team. He is based in Ålesund, Norway at Linde’s Innovation Centre for Aquaculture. Kenneth has developed many of the applications Linde is using in aquaculture today. He also holds several patents mainly linked to oxygenation and fish tank hydraulics.

The solution
SOLVOX® Oxystream is extremely energy efficient, lowering consumption by 90 percent. The system moves water around in an optimal way, creating the perfect water quality and swimming speed to grow healthy fish. Three decades of experience and more than 1,000 successful installations around the world makes Linde the leader in the field.