Automatic oxygen titration brings oxygen therapy into the digital age

Medical oxygen delivery is moving into the 21st century thanks to a new oxygen therapy technology that relies on automatic oxygen titration. The innovation helps ensure safe and precise oxygen delivery at a time when COVID-19 patients have put an additional strain on hospital resources.

Oxygen therapy has been around for more than 100 years and is one of the most frequently administered treatments in hospitals. When patients experience hypoxia due to respiratory disease or acute illness, healthcare professionals can administer oxygen to a patient until the condition subsides.

As the prevalence of respiratory diseases such as #COVID-19 and #COPD increases, so does the demand for oxygen therapy. However, delivering the correct dosage using traditional methods is difficult and time consuming. Nurses must read patients saturation through pulsoximetri and then manually adjust the flow of medical oxygen accordingly. In addition, traditional oxygen therapy requires frequent monitoring.


Improving oxygen therapy

With O2matic, oxygen therapy is automized, resulting in a more efficient and accurate process that benefits patients and nursing staff. The O2matic monitors and doses oxygen based on the patient’s current condition, continuously adjusting the flow of oxygen to the patient based on the current oxygen saturation.

Developed in cooperation with a hospital in Denmark, the O2matic technology replaces the manual flowmeter that typically sits on the wall behind the patient’s bed. A sensor placed on the patient’s finger continuously measures the patient’s oxygen saturation level, while O2matic’s algorithms automatically adjust the dose of oxygen in real-time.

“Manual oxygen titration secures the right amount of oxygen in less than 50 % of the time. With O2matic we achieve the exactly right amount of oxygen in 83 % of the time, and an oxygen level in acceptable target interval in 94 % of the time. It means patient safety and at the same time relieve the burden on healthcare professionals”, says Farzad Saber, CBDO and Chairman Of the board at O2matic ApS.

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